Introducing Mākena: Our Most Technical Golf Shoe Yet

Introducing Mākena, our newest performance golf shoe. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Mākena Beach, Maui, our team focused on the functional needs of golfers round after round. The combination of our removable footbed, soft cushioned midsole, and plated traction outsole delivers a level of performance and comfort that only OluKai can provide on the course.


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Why Mākena Stands Out


Locked-In Traction: The Mākena features a plated outsole for maximum traction. This feature ensures that your stance remains stable and secure, no matter the conditions. Say goodbye to slips and slides and hello to unwavering confidence with every swing.


Ocean-Inspired Pattern: Inspired by the ocean patterns of Hawai‘i, our unique plated design offers exceptional traction and a nod to the islands' natural beauty. The pattern and plated outsole give you a secure footing so your swing can stay locked in. This feature isn’t just functional; it’s a reminder of the serene power of the ocean, grounding your game in the spirit of Aloha.



Waterproof Durability: Never let dewy or wet conditions dampen your spirits. The Mākena is fully waterproof, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable through every condition. Rain or shine, your game remains unaffected, letting you focus on what truly matters.


Pro-Tested: We didn’t just design the Mākena in a lab; we tested it on the best courses in Hawai’i with tour professionals. The result? A shoe that delivers top-tier performance where it counts, in real-world conditions that challenge even the best.


Comfort All Round: Golf is often called “a good walk, spoiled.” We’re here to change that narrative. The Mākena is designed for extended comfort, ensuring you stay comfortable from the first hole to the 18th. This shoe is made for walking, playing, and enjoying every moment on the course.



Styles for Every Golfer


The Mākena is available in color combinations for both men and women:

• Men’s Styles: White Sand & Mood Indigo, Sterling

• Women’s Styles: Bright White & Sterling


Whether you're navigating a challenging course or enjoying a leisurely round, the Mākena promises to keep you comfortable, confident, and performing your best. The next generation of OluKai golf is here. Discover the difference today and have your best round yet.


Shop Men’s Mākena Golf Shoes

Shop Women’s Mākena Golf Shoes


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