The Best Outdoor Slippers for Men and Women

Chances are, you’ve become well-acquainted with wearing slippers over the past couple of years. There’s nothing better when it comes to cozying up at home or on the lanai (porch).


But what about those days when you need to go a little bit further than the front yard? You should be able to bring all that comfort on the road too. Enter: OluKai Outdoor Slippers. Here’s why they’re the best outdoor slippers for men and women.


 The Best Outdoor Slippers For Men and Women - OluKai Ku‘i


What To Look For When Shopping For Outdoor Slippers


The first thing you should look for in a good pair of outdoor slippers is a sturdy design—and that’s exactly what OluKai outdoor slippers provide.


We design our men’s and women’s outdoor slippers with durable rubber outsoles that can handle rougher surfaces like rocks and dirt, all while keeping the warmth in and weather out. 


We also use non-marking ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ and traction pods on a few of our more rugged styles so you don’t have to worry about slipping around on wet surfaces.


Check the product descriptions and outsole features first to find our most outdoor-worthy pairs, like our men’s Kīpuka Hulu Outdoor Slipper and women’s Pehuea Heu Outdoor Slipper.


 The Best Outdoor Slippers For Men and Women - OluKai Kīpuka Hulu Men's Slippers


How OluKai Outdoor Slippers Handle In Cold Conditions


If you’re dealing with cold weather, warm footwear is a necessity. That’s where materials like 100% genuine shearling come in.


Our favorite outdoor slipper material, shearling, is fluffy, temperature regulating, and anti-microbial all at once. Basically, it has all of the qualities you look for in a winter shoe.


We use a few other soft and cozy materials too—like heathered cotton, nubuck leathers, knit, and wool. It’s the kind of comfort you’ll want to bring wherever you roam outdoors in slippers.


The Best Outdoor Slippers For Men and Women - OluKai Mahana Men's Outdoor Slippers 


Why Olukai Slippers The Best For Outdoors


Lastly, you can always expect that signature OluKai arch support in a pair of our outdoor slippers. The arch is one of the most important structural elements of your feet.


Its shape allows you to bear weight and it absorbs the shock that happens from stomping on the ground all day.


Because we craft our slippers with anatomically correct arches and use our Wet Sand Principle, you can enjoy the same level of comfort that you’d get from a pair of premium sneakers or boots.



Ready to head out in comfort? Explore our full collection of outdoor-worthy slippers.


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