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Accessory Product Collection

Accessory Product Collection

How do OluKai insoles enhance my comfort while wearing OluKai footwear?

Our insoles are designed to cradle your feet in lasting comfort. They are anatomically contoured to hug the curves of your feet and provide true arch support. The arch is one of the most important structural elements of your feet. Its shape allows you to bear weight and it absorbs the shock that happens from stomping on the ground over and over. The more supported the arch, the more balanced your entire body becomes. That balance can lead to less hip, knee, and back pain, improved posture, and sustained comfort. Because we construct all of our slippers like fine footwear and incorporate anatomically correct arch support, customers often report pain alleviation.

How do I know which OluKai insoles are right for my shoe?

Finding the right insole for your shoe is a breeze. Here's a list of our insoles and the styles that they're compatible with. If you're having trouble finding the insole you need, you can always reach out to our Aloha Experience team.

Men's Relaxed Insole: Moku Pae, Moloā, Nohea Moku, Nohea Mesh, ‘Ohana Lī ‘Ili, Hamakua, Nohea Pae

Men's Sneaker Insole: Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili, Lae‘ahi, Mio Lī, Lae‘ahi Lī, Tradewind, Kekaha, Kakaha, Lae‘ahi Lauhala, Ka‘a Driver, Ka‘a Loafer, ‘Anau, Lae‘ahi Pa‘i, Nihoa Lī, Panepo‘o, Nana Hele Wai‘apo, Molina, Kapalua, Wai‘alae, Kā‘anapali, Holo, Kou, Lae‘ahi Lole, Papakū ‘Ili, Lae‘ahi Pili, Pūnini Pili, Pūnini, Kaholo, Mikole, Lae‘ahi Kapa, Lae‘ahi ‘Ili, Nana Hele, ‘Ālapa Lī, Kalia Puki, Kalia Lī, Kalia, Huakai Lī, Huakai Lī Kala, Nalukai Kapa Boot, Nalukai Slip-On, Nalukai Kala Slip-On

Men's Slipper Insole: Moloā Slipper, Kipuka Hulu, Hanohano, Moloā Hulu, Mahana, Moloā 'Ie Slipper, Mahana, Kilohana Slipper, Moloā Kilohana Slipper

Women's Sneaker Insole: Pehuea, Pehuea Lī, Pehuea Lī ‘Ili, Wailea, Ha‘upu, Kīlea, Kohu, Hawai‘iloa Manu Hope, Pehuea Leather, Kaula ‘Olu ‘Ili, Kaula Pa‘a Kapa, Kaula Pa‘a Lī, Kaula Pa‘a ‘Ili, Ki‘ihele, Ki‘ihele ‘Ili, Ki‘ihele Lī, Pehuea Pa‘i, Pīlahi, Lipoa, Lānia, Mahiki, Wao

Women's Active Insole: Wailuku, Kawela, Huia, ‘Anau, Kaholo, Nuku

Women's Slipper Insole: Nohea Slipper, Pehuea Heu, ‘Olani, Ku‘una, Mālua Hulu, Pa‘ina Hulu, Ku‘una Lānui, Lānia Kilohana, Nohea Heu Slipper, Nohea Kilohana

What sets OluKai insoles apart from others on the market?

It all comes back to our Wet Sand Principle. Every pair of footwear (including slippers) is designed to capture the feeling of a barefoot stepping into wet sand. All at once, it cups the heel, fills the arch, and splays the toes—molding to the foot regardless of the shape. The cupped heel offers stability and shock absorption. The anatomically correct arch and contoured footbed provide all-day comfort. And the toe box allows the toes to spread naturally with no restrictions.

How do I clean and maintain my OluKai insoles?

Most of our insoles are removable and washable. Just throw them in the washer and go. We recommend putting them in a delicates bag first. Click for more specific care instructions.

Are there any downsides to using OluKai insoles?

Nope! Because our insoles are designed to peak comfort and performance, they're are no downsides to wearing them. And since you can throw them in the washing machine, they'll last much longer than your average pair.

What are the materials in the insoles?

OluKai footbeds feature polyurethane (PU) foam which provides the soft, squishy comfort and all-day arch support. Depending on the style of product, the topcloth materials can vary from: full-grain leather, an airy mesh, a soft-to-the-touch microfiber, or a cozy wool-blend. Materials are selected based on product type, all with comfort in mind.

How long do OluKai insoles last?

Timing can be relative based on a variety of factors, but the answer to this question should likely align with our brand’s one-year product guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.

Are OluKai insoles suitable for all types of shoes?

Our footbeds are suitable for OluKai products. There are slight variations in shape and space depending on the style of shoe you have, so please reference the list of compatible before purchasing. Given the unique shape and contour of OluKai footbeds, we would not advise using them with shoes from other brands.

Can OluKai insoles be worn with orthotics?

OluKai footbeds will provide a high-level of comfort and support, but are not a replacement for orthotic footbeds, especially those that are custom made. Consumers with a specific orthotic will not be able to combine our footbed with their orthotic.

How does the Kahala Aloha shirt fit?

Fit Guide:

Neck: 14"
Chest: 33"-35"
Waist: 28"
Sleeve: 32"

Neck: 15"
Chest: 36"- 38"
Waist: 29"- 31"
Sleeve: 32"-33"

Neck: 15"
Chest: 39"- 41"
Waist: 32"- 34"
Sleeve: 32"- 33"

Neck: 17"
Chest: 42"- 44"
Waist: 35"- 37"
Sleeve: 34"- 35"

Neck: 18"
Chest: 45"- 48"
Waist: 38"- 41"
Sleeve: 35"- 36"

Neck: 19"
Chest: 49"- 51"
Waist: 42"- 45"
Sleeve: 36.5"

Neck: 20"
Chest: 52"- 55"
Waist: 46"- 49"
Sleeve: 37"