The Best Men’s & Women’s Slippers With Arch Support

As far as comfortable footwear goes, slippers and house shoes take the cake. So why shouldn’t they be the most supportive too?


With OluKai slippers, comfort isn’t just coming from the feel of premium materials like shearling, wool, and cotton. It comes from the cushioned and contoured support of our footbed.


Trust us, the difference you’ll feel after a day of lounging or walking around in supportive slippers with proper arch support is pretty unbelievable. Not to mention the long-term health benefits.


Here’s why OluKai slippers are the best slippers with arch support for men and women:


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Our Wet Sand Principle™ Provides Arch Support


It all comes back to our Wet Sand Principle. Every pair of footwear (including slippers) is designed to capture the feeling of a barefoot stepping into wet sand.


All at once, it cups the heel, fills the arch, and splays the toes—molding to the foot regardless of the shape. The cupped heel offers stability and shock absorption. The anatomically correct arch and contoured footbed provide all-day comfort. And the toe box allows the toes to spread naturally with no restrictions.


Who knew you could get that much support in a slipper?


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Arch Support Slippers Are Good for Your Feet


The arch is one of the most important structural elements of your feet. Its shape allows you to bear weight and it absorbs the shock that happens from stomping on the ground over and over.


The more supported the arch, the more balanced your entire body becomes. That balance can lead to less hip, knee, and back pain, improved posture, and sustained comfort.


Because we construct all of our slippers like fine footwear and incorporate anatomically correct arch support, customers often report pain alleviation.


Now, let’s talk about materials.


All of our slippers are made using premium textiles and leather that wrap your feet in comfort.


Genuine shearling for softness. Wool for warmth. Cotton for breathability. Full-grain leather for durability and style.


Not to mention, all of these materials are great for temperature regulation—meaning you can wear your house (or out-of-house) slippers year-round.


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Experts Recommend OluKai Arch Support Slippers


OluKai shoes and sandals have been featured in a handful of articles on why arch support matters, and how to find the right pair—and our slippers are no different.


In fact, we use the same anatomically formed footbed in all of our sandals, shoes, boots & slippers.


As a rule of thumb, most podiatric experts recommend looking for footwear that supports your specific arch type, has a contoured footbed, and is built with a strong, sturdy sole.


OluKai slippers check all of those boxes for arch support.


Providing you with comfortable, stylish, and supportive slippers & house shoes is our main priority. More than that, it’s our mission. If you want to explore our full collection of slippers with arch support, start here:



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