Men’s Boat Shoes

Men’s Boat Shoes

Men’s Boat Shoes

What Makes OluKai Men’s Boat Shoes The Best?

OluKai is a brand born out of a love for the ocean. We know what qualities a men’s boat shoe needs to perform well on the water, and we used that knowledge to make our very own.Our product team put a lot of effort into designing the perfect boat shoes. Here’s everything their design delivers on:

1. Enhanced Traction. A non-slip men’s boat shoe is essential on deck. Our ‘Wet Grip Rubber’ was created to make sure you’re safe and secure, even on those wetter surfaces. They perform beautifully on dry land too, for those who aren’t heading out on the boat.

2. Sustained Comfort. Those days at sea can be long, so you’ll need a comfortable boat shoe. Our slip-on boat shoes are made with a lightweight and high-rebound EVA midsole for sustained support. The anatomically shaped footbed will give added stability, which leads to better posture and less pain in the long run.

3. The Right Materials. A good fishing shoe needs to be as at home in the water as you are. We designed ours with water-resistant materials, quick-drying mesh, drainage ports, and a stretchy build so you can easily slip them off and jump in.

4. Non-Marking Rubber. Don’t worry about scuff marks. Our boat shoes use a non-marking rubber outsole because we know that clean boats lead to happy watermen.

Why Do We Call Them Boat Shoes For Men?

OluKai calls our product Boat Shoes due to their ability to perform under all circumstances one might find themselves while on wet, slippery surfaces commonly found on boats, docks, and decks.

How Quickly do OluKai Men’s Boat Shoes Dry?

Made with water-friendly and breathable materials such as mesh, our men’s boat shoes are designed to dry quickly. While exact drying time may vary, we recommend leaving them outside in the sun to air dry.

Can You Wear OluKai Men’s Boat Shoes in the Ocean?

Our men’s boat shoes are designed to wear around the ocean and in boats. They can handle the salt water, but we do not recommend fully submerging them. Most of our men’s boat shoes are water-resistant. If they are fully waterproof, it will be noted in the product description.

Can You Swim with OluKai Men’s Boat Shoes

While our men’s boat shoes can handle wet environments, we do not recommend swimming in them. Prolonged exposure to water could cause damage to the footwear as they are not fully waterproof.