Congrats to Mark Healey, Todos Santos Big Wave Champion!

Notorious Hawaiian daredevil Mark Healey found his stride on Sunday at the inaugural Todos Santos Big Wave Event, outscoring fellow islander Shane Dorian by 0.5 to take his first big wave title. A steady influx of 45-foot faces made for intense competition, amazing rides and impressive footage all day long. The board-snapping conditions also added to the camaraderie among these watermen, who came from all over the world to compete for the love of the sport alone. Healey's prize package included serious bragging rights and an enormous bottle of Patron, the latter of which he was happy to share with his fellow surfers.

Photo: Ordioni

Event Director Gary Linden says he couldn't be happier with the results. "Healey was due. Big wave riding is the sport of kings, and this Hawaiian proved he was worthy of the title."

Photo: Carpen

The Todos crew, including Greg Long (who kicked in his Eddie bonus to help get Todos off the ground), hopes that the media coverage will fuel interest and investment in next year's event, and ultimately help to build momentum for a recognized big wave world tour. Gary and crew: Big Mahalo for inviting us to be a part of it.

Photo: Overfel