6 Adventurous Methods of Exercise on Oahu

photo-sep-05-8 No need to slave away inside a regular ol' fitness center, there are plenty fun, outdoor exercise options on Oahu to get your heart pumping. Hike
There are numerous hikes around the island which require various levels of skill. Some paths are short and well trotted, while more difficult ones could take many hours and require some serious planning. You may find yourself down in a valley seeking out waterfalls or upon a ridge with breathtaking views of the coastline. Some mellow paths, like the Koko Crater Botanical Garden trail, are good for beginners and more comparable to a leisurely walk. The Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail and Diamond Head Crater are both appropriate hikes for novice hikers. Swim
On an island, water is everywhere. Of course, not all areas are recommended for swimming, but there are oodles of safe options. If you prefer swimming in a lane and tallying your laps, one of the many free public pools is your spot. Open swimming in the ocean is popular at Ala Moana Beach Park where a long stretch of ocean is available and lifeguards are on-duty. Grab your gear and head to Hanauma Bay on the Southeast shore or Shark's Cove on the North Shore for a snorkeling adventure. Surf
As surfing has always been a significant aspect of Hawaiian culture, the Hawaiian culture has played an influential role in the world of surfing. Whether on a surf board, body board or simply body surfing, riding waves is a pastime locals, transplants and tourists all can't seem to get enough of here in the motherland. Surf spots can be found on all sides of the island and some, like Pipeline on the North Shore, are world famous. Surfing is great exercise for the body and soothes the soul. SUP
SUP, or stand-up paddling, is a variation of surfing that can be enjoyed on diverse bodies of water. Whether you're catching waves in the Pacific or racing along a river, stand-up paddling is a great full-body workout. This is an easy sport for first-timers and an opportunity to spend time on the water not matter the season. SUP boards and paddles can be quite pricy to purchase, but rentals are available island wide. Meet-Ups
Organized activities can be a good motivator for exercising. Beach workouts, SUP yoga and night hiking are just a few of the group fitness sessions available on Oahu. Websites like meetup.com make it convenient to find a suitable class or club to join and meet people with similar interests. Open Air Gyms
Ala Moana Beach Park and Queen Kapiolani Park are just a couple of the many parks on Oahu that have outdoor exercise equipment available for free use. These open-air gyms are perfect to stop at while on a jog through the park or around the neighborhood. The Bryan Clay Exercise Park next to Diamond Head features a variety of weight training machines and has been getting lots of traffic since opening last year. Just across the street is the Parcourse FitCenter at Kapiolani Community College.

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