Our 10 Best Summer Shoes & Sneakers

Summer… we love you. Our brand is built around our adoration of the sunshine-fueled island lifestyle, so it’s no surprise we have the best summer shoes in the business. From beaches to boardwalks, city streets to neighborhood cafes, they’re ready to take you places. But what actually makes a good summer shoe? Are there such things as beach shoes? And what OluKai styles are the most comfortable to take you through the season?


We’ve got everything you need to know about summer footwear below.


The Best Summer Shoes for Men


Moku Pae Men’s No Tie Boat Shoe


Whether you’re actually going boating, or just want a shoe that’s got breathable mesh and is perfect for barefoot wear, the Moku Pae is a men’s summer shoe at its finest. The engineered mesh on this modern boat shoe allows plenty of ventilation while also providing maximum support. They’ve also got a removable and washable footbed (big bonus when socks are in the rearview mirror) and the non-marking Wet Grip Rubber sole gives you all the traction you need without leaving marks on your friend’s boat deck.


Lae‘ahi Men’s Slip-On Sneaker


Beach shoes? Sure. Go anywhere shoes? Definitely. Kick back in any summer outfit with the simple sophistication of the Lae‘ahi. With soft mesh and uncompromised comfort, these take summer footwear up a notch. What makes them so summer-worthy? They feature our signature Drop-In Heel® for starters, so you can slide right on in when you’re feeling the call of the beach. Plus, all that mesh really lets the breeze in.


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Mio Lī Men’s Athletic Sneaker


Did someone say summer shoes? They must have been talking about the Mio Lī. From gym to café, trail run to city stroll, this go-anywhere, do-anything men’s beach sneaker pairs island craft with modern flavor, giving you a lightweight shoe that thrives in every environment. Mio Lī’s airy design is perfect for hot summer days too. You could even go sockless.


Nihoa Lī Men’s Sneaker


Breathable mesh. Drop-In Heel®. Washable footbeds. The Nihoa Lī is the perfect men’s summer shoe. A rugged sneaker that can handle bike rides, mountain hikes, and more, the tough shell and cushioned fit protect your feet while the mesh keeps them cool and airy when the afternoon sun arrives.


Lae‘ahi Pai Men’s Slip-On Sneaker


As far as men’s casual summer shoes go, it doesn’t get much better than the Lae‘ahi Pai. Lightweight, breathable, and so easy-to-wear, this Pacific Camo slip-on looks good whether it’s a shorts, pants, or jeans kinda day. They’ve got just the right amount of simple sophistication too, so you can wear them straight from the beach to your dinner date.



The Best Summer Shoes for Women


Pehuea Lī Women’s Sneakers


Summer and adventure are two of our favorite words, and the Pehuea Lī sneaker has both covered. No matter where you’re headed or how long you plan to be on your feet, this cute summer shoe is as comfortable as it is versatile. Light, cushioned, and featuring an airy, all-mesh upper, it’s the kind of sneaker you can count on, no matter where you’re headed or how long you’ll be wandering.


Pehuea Women’s Sneakers


We wouldn’t even know how to talk about women’s summer shoes without talking about the Pehuea. An OluKai classic, this laidback slip-on sneaker is crafted from lightweight materials and is completely breathable, which makes it ideal for summer days. But its summer worthiness doesn’t stop there… It also comes with our Drop-In Heel®, so you can wear it as a slide as you leave the beach. Which, let’s face it, is where we all want to be spending our days.


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Kaula Pa'a Lī Women’s Lace Up


Espadrilles will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean all espadrilles are created equal. The Kaula Pa'a Lī has taken this classic beach styling to the next level. We used a traditional rope construction where the (water-resistant) rope is woven into the midsole, creating more support and give. Paid that with cool linen and a washable footbed and you have the ideal shoe for breezing around on a sunny day.


Ki‘ihele Lī Women’s Canvas Sneakers


Inspired by the modern traveler, these summer shoes will take you from dawn to dusk, no matter what destination you’re exploring. The airy canvas upper is a perfect nod to summer, and we think these look great with cut off jeans or shorts. Plus, with our signature Drop-In Heel®, they’re as easy to wear as they are to love.


Pehuea Pa‘i Women’s Slip-On Sneakers


Women’s beach shoes come in all shapes and forms, but the key is finding the perfect combo of comfortable materials with elevated and easy-to-wear styling. Meet Pehuea Pa‘i—a subtle camo sneaker that understood the assignment. You can slip this everyday look on at a moment’s notice and head out the door, knowing you’re dressed just right no matter where the day takes you.


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