Invest in Your Summer Fun with Durable Beach Sandals

When the days are hot and the outdoors are calling, nothing puts a damper on your plans faster than footwear that can’t keep up. So let’s fix that! Here at OluKai, we know a thing or two (or three) about durable beach sandals, and know first hand why purchasing a solid pair of summer footwear pays off when it comes to fun in the sun.


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Invest in Your Summer Fun with Durable Beach Sandals



Why Choose Durable Beach Sandals?


So, what makes durable beach sandals the best option for summer footwear? Options! Sure, sneakers can take you places, but what about beaches and bays? Pools and waterfalls? If water is on the agenda, it’s a sandals kind of day.


Let’s talk about the benefits of wearing durable beach sandals. A good pair will keep your feet safe, comfortable, and supported as you move. Basically, if you don’t have to think about them, they’re doing their job. What’s more, finding outdoor summer sandals that look as good as they feel means you can embrace the day with the added benefit of versatility, heading from beach to brewery without missing a beat.


And because durable beach sandals are, well, durable, that means they last longer. Forget cheap flip flops that need to be replaced after a while. OluKai sandals are with you for the long run, and even come with a one year warranty.


How to Choose the Best Durable Beach Sandals


Okay, so now you know they’re worth the investment. But here comes the big part… Which pair do you pick? While there are plenty of adventure sandals out there, not all are created equal. So look for these must-have features as you shop:


Water-Friendly Footwear


Be on the hunt for either water-resistant or waterproof durable beach sandals for outdoor activities. Rather than walking around in sandals that stay wet all day, our water-friendly styles let you have fun by the water without worrying about wet feet all day. From beach walks to boating, you’ll love this feature.


At OluKai we have plenty of waterproof and water-resistant pairs. A couple of fan-favorites are the bestselling ‘Ohana for her and for him. Both are water-resistant with a smooth drop-in footbed for the perfect anatomical fit--so your feet feel right at home.


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Invest in Your Summer Fun with Durable Beach Sandals


Don’t Skip the Arch Support


When you think of old-school sandals (i.e - flip flops), you’re probably picturing something flat and, well, floppy. If comfort and support are important to you, these aren’t your best bet. Instead, opt for durable beach sandals with arch support. This will increase your endurance on longer walks up the beach, boardwalk, hiking trail, and anywhere else you want to be.


For epic arch support, we love the Kūkulu for him--a sneaker-inspired sandal with amazing traction and flexible materials for easy movement--and the Ho‘ōpio Hau for her, with a contoured footbed for uncomplicated comfort.


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Slip-Resistant Superstars


From waterfall hikes to following the kids around the pool (walking briskly, never running), staying up on your own two feet is a non-negotiable. So be sure to search for that non-slip grip with your durable summer sandals. Non-slip beach sandals will add safety and stability to all your warm-weather plans.


For this, we reach for Hila for Her, which offers amazing traction plus puffy (and cute) rolled straps for extra foot comfort. And for him, try the Ulele , with an enhanced traction footbed and outsole for extra stability.


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I Have My Sandals, Now What?


You found your perfect pair, congrats! You’re all set for whatever summer has in store. But before you head out, here are a couple of final tips to keep in mind.


Care for Your New Pair


To keep your new durable beach sandals at their very best, they require just a bit of TLC every now and then. Don’t worry, it’s easy. In fact, we created a whole page on how to care for your new durable beach sandals based on the materials they’re made with. The basics are to remove excess dirt, wash or wipe down, and let air dry. But of course, there are specifics for each type… So be sure to check out the steps.


Invest in Your Summer Fun with Durable Beach Sandals


How Long Will They Last?


We mentioned above that durable beach sandals will outlast cheaper pairs, which, to be honest, is an understatement. OluKai sandals in particular are regularly featured on people’s “longest lasting sandals” lists. Even with daily wear, you can expect them to last for years to come. So while we can’t give you an exact time frame, we can say with confidence that you won’t be replacing our durable beach sandals any time soon.


We shared just a few of our favorite durable summer-ready sandals in this blog. Want to check out the full collection? Click below to get started.


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