Step Into Comfort: How Our Sandals Help Your Sports Recovery

After some strenuous activities on your feet like running, cross-training, surfing, or golf, merely kicking off your sneakers isn’t enough. What’s needed to support your arches, take stress off of your metatarsal bones, and increase actual circulation — are some recovery sandals. Lightweight, water-resistant, and built with squishy, oh-so comfy foam, OluKai certainly makes some recovery sandals and slides up for the task. What, exactly, are the benefits of some solid recovery sandals for a variety of disciplines? Read on and see where you fit in.


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Perhaps no other athlete on Earth needs foot-recovery quite like runners. From a sprint to an ultra-marathon — and any race or run between — runners are literally pounding the ground with the soles of their feet. And, sure, there are certainly some great, super-cushioned running shoes to help with the actual act, but whether it’s plantar fasciitis or bone spurs that ail an athlete, even knee, hip and back pain often all starts with the feet.


Recovery sandals can soothe runners’ feet in a number of ways. The cushion helps to take a load and weight off of the soles — in comparison to normal sandals. Secondly, arch support is a huge plus with the right recovery sandal, and lastly, all that weight distribution from the cushion and support aids in circulation — so that a runner can recover, that much faster. To top it off, recovery sandals being sandals, those toes need to breathe after being cooped up in a sneaker for hours at a time.


Our Recovery Pick for Runners: Maha ‘Olu


Designed to be a runner’s go-to recovery slide, the Maha ‘Olu’s extra puffy strap and squishy foam cushioning increase circulation, reduce load, and surround your feet in pure comfort after any long run. Slide them on for instant relief and relaxation.




When you think of hardcore modern training, you’re probably picturing: circuits, cross-fit, and HITT. Perhaps battle-ropes, lunges, planks and other heart-rate-rising activities. And even if you’re not into the HITT type of training and keep things a bit cruiser, the inescapable thing is: You’re almost always on your feet. From simple squats to burpies to ledge-jumps to jumping-jacks — your feet (among other joints, ankles, and knees) are surely gonna feel it. And recovery sandals are the perfect footwear to recuperate those feet, post-workout, whether that’s in the gym or at home. What’s brilliant about a good recovery sandal, too, is that the more you wear them post-training, the more training you’ll get to do, sans-injuries.


Our Recovery Pick for Training: Maha


Maha is built to be your go-to recovery sandal with extra puffy straps and squishy foam cushioning designed to increase circulation, reduce load, and surround your feet in pure comfort after a day of getting after it — or a sweat-filled workout.




Sure, you’re not necessarily running, jogging, or bouncing around on the course excessively, but odds are that you are walking and on your feet, lugging golf bag for over 4 hours at a time when it’s 18-holes. Right? So, yeah, it’s no picnic on your feet, no matter how good a golf-shoe you thing you own, and even if most of that walking is on the green. Cushioned recovery sandals for the post-golf cruise session definitely help circulate blood in swollen feet, providing fairly instant relief and comfort. So, even more crucial to your golf game (and overall health) than the post-game brews.


Our Recovery Pick for Golfers: Maha ‘Olu


Built to be anyone that walks or runs’ go-to recovery slide, the Maha ‘Olu’s extra puffy strap and squishy foam cushioning increase circulation, reduce load, and surround golfers’ feet in pure comfort after 18 holes. Slide them on at the club for instant relief and relaxation.




While riding waves only puts you on your feet for an average of 10-15 seconds at a time — unless you have the luxury of growing up on a pointbreak like Malibu or Rincon — the surfboard isn’t the only thing your poor feet are standing on. There’s the often-lengthy walk to and from the wave, the trek down and/or up a hill, or down a trail to the beach, or even on those sinking grains of sand. Even coming in at lowtide and rock-dancing over exposed reef with a board in hand — all if it warrants recovery footwear. And some cushioned recovery sandals with No Slip traction for the parking lot post-surf, wind-down? Yes please.


Our Recovery Pick for Surfers: Puawe and Maha


Made with water-resistant materials and extra puffy straps for a comfortable fit, Puawe and Maha are designed for sure-footed exploration with our non-marking Wet Grip Rubber, delivering unmatched traction for a slippery walk back.


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