Durable Beach Sandals for the Best Summer Experience

The season of sun is finally here! And whether you’re exploring beautiful beaches or even playing the back 9 of your favorite course, durable summer sandals (like the ones we design here at OluKai) are an absolute must. Ready to find out why? Keep reading!

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Durable Beach Sandals for the Best Summer Experience


What Makes Durable Beach Sandals So Special?


How can durable beach sandals improve your summer experience? Well, the right pair will provide comfort, coolness, and confidence as you move. But not all sandals are created equal. So skip the flimsy flip flops—what you want to seek out are some durable beach sandals (emphasis on the durable).


But, how do you know if you’ve found a solid pair? You’ll find that durable beach sandals are well worth the investment if you look for these features when buying:


Sandals with arch support will help keep you comfortable and increase endurance for longer walks.

Slip-resistant sandals with good traction will help stabilize your feet and body, a must-have for uneven terrain like rocky beaches.

Water-resistant or water-proof sandals are critical if you’ll be anywhere beachside, lakeside, or even poolside—the last thing you want is chafing on your feet!

Sandals with a versatile look give you extra bang for your buck, allowing you to head from the beach to the brewery without missing a beat.


Need Some Sandal Suggestions?


Now you have a list of qualities to look out for, no matter where you shop. But let’s make it even simpler—because our beach footwear already checks all those boxes. Why does OluKai have the best durable beach sandals? Because here on the islands, life is lived in them! It’s the reason we make some of the most comfortable beach sandals available.


Here are some of our best durable beach sandals for summer:



Durable Beach Sandals for the Best Summer Experience


The Bestsellers: ‘Ohana


With a smooth drop-in footbed for the perfect anatomical fit, the water-resistant ‘Ohana sandal makes your feet feel at home.


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The Puffy Pairs: Maha & Hila


A puffy foam strap and foam cushioning wrap your foot in all-day comfort. Plus, the classic look goes from poolside to surfside without missing a beach.


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Leather Luxuries: Tuahine & Huawai


When you need something upscale but still perfect for those long summer strolls, these beach-bar essentials are the ones for you.


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You Have Your Perfect Pair, Now What?


Once you have your new durable summer sandals, there are really only two more things to keep in mind…


1) What are some of the best ways to care for your durable beach sandals?


We created a whole page on how to care for your new sandals based on the materials they’re made with. The basics are to remove excess dirt, wash or wipe down, and let air dry. But of course, there are specifics for each type… So be sure to check out the steps!


2) How do you break in a new pair of durable beach sandals?


You might find your sandals good to go right away, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. To avoid any discomfort while the sandals are still forming to your foot, start with smaller walks around the house or neighborhood before working up to all-day adventures. Patience is key!



Durable Beach Sandals for the Best Summer Experience


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