Breathable Athletic Shoes: How to Improve Your Workouts & Prevent Injury

Whether you’re moving through that Hawaiian heat or just looking to keep your feet fresh and sweet, breathable athletic shoes like OluKai’s athleisure sneakers, are a must for staying cool and comfy. We also wrote a whole other blog about the perks of our lightweight, active-ready footwear, but the benefits go a step further. So today, we’re diving into how breathable athletic shoes improve workout performance.


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Breathable Athletic Shoes: How to Improve Your Workouts & Prevent Injury


Workout Benefits of Breathable Footwear


Wondering how breathable athletic shoes improve your workout performance? Let’s break down the benefits…


From training shoes to running shoes, the breathability factor makes all the difference. Because this footwear is designed with a permeable mesh, air, heat, and moisture can easily pass through the shoe and keep your feet dry.


More foot comfort? That means more endurance – because nothing kills a workout faster than painful feet. Not only that, but it can help you stay steady on your feet (it's probably no surprise that slip n slide isn’t the best for stability!)


To sum it up: If you want the freedom to focus all your attention on your workout rather than how your feet feel, go with breathable athletic footwear.


Helping to Prevent Pain


Can breathable athletic shoes prevent injuries while exercising? They sure can!


By reducing built-up moisture, you can say bye-bye to blisters. But that’s just the start… Footwear ventilation is key to keeping the skin on your feet healthy, so when it’s time to go from training shoes to sandals for a day at the beach, you’re looking (and feeling) fresh.



Breathable Athletic Shoes: How to Improve Your Workouts & Prevent Injury


Breathable Athletic Shoe Suggestions


With so many options out there, you might be trying to figure out how to choose the best breathable shoes for working out. Luckily, some of the best athletic footwear on the market is right here at OluKai.



With versions for both him and her, this athletic shoe is as refreshing and swift as an ocean breeze thanks to a mesh top for breathability and a toe shell for durability.

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This lightweight and active trainer is made with vegan-friendly breathable mesh and a comfortable bounce underfoot. We recommend sizing up a half size for ultimate comfort.

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‘Imaka Trainer

Available for both her and him, this quick-drying athletic sneaker can withstand the technical demands of your workout. In fact, it was originally designed for Hawaiian lifeguards!

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This lightweight trainer is named after an ancient surfing locale in Hilo. Designed with vegan-friendly materials, you’ll love the breezy mesh and comfortable bounce underfoot.

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Breathable Athletic Shoes: How to Improve Your Workouts & Prevent Injury

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