Waxed Canvas Collection

Waxed Canvas Collection

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Waxed Canvas Collection

Are OluKai Waxed Canvas Sneakers Water-Resistant?

The answer is yes: waxed canvas sneakers are water-resistant to provide a layer of protection you need between your feet and whatever is happening outside.

Are OluKai Waxed Canvas Sneakers Warm?

Our waxed canvas sneakers deliver all the comfort, arch support, and best-in-class construction you’ve come to know and love about OluKai. And because this material keeps your feet dry even when it’s wet outside, they’ll stay warm and toasty even when the mercury drops below balmy island temps.

How Do You Clean OluKai Waxed Canvas Sneakers?

Waxed canvas sneakers don’t stain easily, thanks to the protective wax coating. However, if you do get stains on them that you want to remove, the best option is to spot clean with a damp towel. If that doesn’t work, use a small amount of mild soapy water, then rinse and air dry.