Rose Jaffurs Profile Image Ohana

Rose Jaffurs

Surfer; Surf Instructor

North Shore, Oʻahu

Rosie is the epitome of a surf-stoked wahine, ever-appreciative and respectful of the ocean, and always sharing aloha with her entire ‘ohana. As a North Shore surf instructor, she shares her special connection to the ocean on a daily basis with her family, friends, and the visitors she teaches. To hear Rosie describe how she feels about surfing is to know her joy – “There’s a saying, ‘sharing the stoke’. Not only does it make me feel good, but you’re making someone else feel good. It’s seeing the smile on their face, and for some reason I just know how good it feels. For me, it feels like you’re flying and it’s the most magical feeling you could get on this earth.” We met Rosie with her gal crew clowning around on the North Shore and sheʻs been one of our must visits every time we make it up there.