Bryan Phillips

Hawaiian Lifeguard

North Shore, Oʻahu

Hawai‘i lifeguard Bryan Phillips, a 15-year veteran with 14 of those years on O‘ahu’s famous North Shore, is part of the elite rescue watercraft unit and is assigned to Pipeline and Waimea Bay, the two most dangerous and deadly waves in the entire state. Constantly keeping watch and protecting Hawai‘i’s local and visiting beachgoers, the 300 brave men and women of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association (HLA) are a unique and tight-knit ‘ohana. Bryanʻs passion for the guards started young, “I started out as junior guard and all the people I looked up to were lifeguards. Everyone was fit and was active in the ocean. The experience left such a lasting impression on me that I wanted to do the same thing. It’s come full circle for me because I became a full-time lifeguard and I’m also running the junior lifeguard program in the summer.” We are fortunate to work with Bryan as a product tester for our Hawaiian Lifeguard Association line of products and proud to be a supporter of the Jr. Lifeguard program that he helped revive as his way of paying it forward.