21.8832 N, 159.4695 W

2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka St.
Suite H-155,
Koloa, HI 96756

Join us to talk story and see the latest OluKai shoes and sandals.

OluKai Kukui‘ula is open.
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday-Saturday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Design and Philosophy

At our core, we are storytellers. These stores give us an opportunity to bring moʻolelo (stories) to life. Every design choice is rich with meaning, intended to be discovered, experienced and shared.


The single red panel represents the flame that comes from a kukui nut and the color ‘ula (red), paying homage to the mo‘olelo (story) of Kukui‘ula's and our theme of illumination.

desktop Hand carved furnishings OluKai Kukui‘ula mobile Hand carved furnishings OluKai Kukui‘ula

Hand-Carved Furnishings

Our custom table is crafted from reclaimed Monkey Pod wood, which we salvaged from a fallen tree in Kane‘ohe, O‘ahu.

desktop Custom Art OluKai Kukui‘ula mobile Custom Art OluKai Kukui‘ula

Custom Art

Custom artwork can be found throughout the store, including a piece by Samuel Schryver and Kaplan Bunce of KASA Studio. The mural plays with colors, shapes, and landscapes found on Kaua‘i's south side to represent illumination. Eight straight lines sit in the center, symbolizing rays of light and the Hawaiian islands.

desktop OluKai Kukui‘ula mobile OluKai Kukui‘ula
desktop Leather accents OluKai Kukui‘ula mobile Leather accents OluKai Kukui‘ula

Premium Leather Accents

Made of the same high-character, premium leathers used in our footwear, we adorn benches and other touch points within the store to highlight its quality.

desktop Protocol statement OluKai Kukui‘ula mobile Protocol statement OluKai Kukui‘ula

Protocol Statement

These engravings honor the Hawaiian tradition of entering a space with respect and positive intention. Each statement is unique and meaningful to its location. We encourage you to talk story with the team to understand the specific intent.

desktop OluKai Kukui‘ula Flooring mobile OluKai Kukui‘ula Flooring


Lava tile symbolizes the foundation of the Islands emanating from volcanic activity, the ’āina (land), and the footsteps of those who walked here before us. Coral tile is also used to remind people of the powerful role the ocean plays in our lives. The lava and coral meet to symbolize the transition of mauka to makai (from land to water). Brass inlaid lines extend out from the protocol statement into the store, symbolizing light rays and knowledge, both major parts of the store’s theme of “illumination”.