Holoholo Club Terms & Conditions

The Holoholo Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Program” is owned and operated by OluKai, LLC, its parent organization, subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “OluKai”), whose head office is located at 10 Faraday, Irvine, California, 92618.


  • “Transaction,” includes the detail of purchases made by a customer in each of the OluKai stores or when ordering online on OluKai.com or OluKai.ca and, more specifically, the items purchased, quantity, frequency, etc.
  • The “Holoholo Club” includes, but is not limited to, all communications, offers and rewards that a member may receive and earn under this loyalty program.
  • “Makau” means points earned by Members in the Holoholo Club through various methods of participation.
  • “Member,” means an individual registered in the Holoholo Club whose registration has not been revoked.
  • “Reward,” includes, but is not limited to, all privileges, Makau, accesses or special status, special offers, sweepstakes, one-of-a-kind experiences, exclusive events and advance access to products or gratuities that Members may obtain, earn or apply further to one or more Transactions.



1. The Holoholo Club is a free loyalty program offered by OluKai to its customers located in the U.S. and Canada. Membership in the Program is limited to individuals only listed in Program under their legal name and is limited to one account per individual. You must be age 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States or Canada to be eligible for Membership. Eligible minors must obtain their parent's or legal guardian's consent prior to participation.

2. Members located in the U.S. will be opted into email marketing by joining Holoholo Club.

3. No purchase is necessary to become a member.

4. OluKai may, subject to the following, alter, limit, or modify its Rewards, status or its terms and conditions, in whole or in part at any time. In the event the terms and conditions, or any aspect of the Program, is restricted, suspended or modified, OluKai will provide members advance notice by posting the amended terms and conditions online at olukai.com and olukai.ca, and by sending notice by email. A Member’s continued participation in the Program after modifications are made will constitute their consent to such modifications. Should a Member not approve of a modification, they may withdraw from the Program by unsubscribing in their online account.

5. OluKai may suspend or terminate the Program at any time. In the event the Program terminates, OluKai will provide members advance notice by posting the amended terms and conditions online at olukai.com and olukai.ca, and by sending notice by email. Should the Program be suspended or terminated for any reason whatsoever, OluKai will not be liable in any way whatsoever to its Members and will be automatically released from any prejudice caused to Program Members, if applicable, as a result of a suspension, termination, loss of Rewards or other arising from such suspension or termination.

6. Any misuse or fraudulent activity in connection with the Program, including, but not limited to, failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the Program, any suspected illegal, fraudulent use of Makau and Rewards may result in cancellation of a Member’s account, disqualification from the Program and cancellation of Makau, status and Rewards.

Program Membership

7. To join the Program, a customer must become a Member. To enroll, they must fill out the profile’s required fields and accept these terms and conditions.

8. Members who cannot provide a valid email address may not participate in the Program as this field is required when completing the profile. However, a Member may, at their sole discretion, accept or decline to receive promotional communications from OluKai and its affiliated partners. To make this choice, they may change their communication preferences at any time in their member profile. Members understand that if they refuse to receive communications from the Program, they accept that this status may exclude them from receiving certain privileges or Rewards related to the Program.

9. A corporation or other legal entity may not become a Member.

10. Only one virtual card will be issued per Member. Members are responsible for keeping their accounts, personal access codes, virtual cards and the devices they use to access these confidential and secure and must not disclose their personal information or password to anyone. Should any of these be lost, compromised or stolen, the affected Program Member must immediately reset their password by sending an email to info@olukai.com.

11. Should a Program Member suspect the occurrence of fraud, they must immediately inform OluKai by sending an email to holoholoclub@olukai.com and OluKai will cancel any Makau or rewards that have been fraudulently earned in an account.

12. OluKai will not accept any liability for Rewards redeemed by anyone should a Member have failed to previously report the loss or theft of their virtual card (see reporting procedure above). Members must assume full liability for Rewards used prior to such reporting.

13. Should a Member’s personal information change, they must update their profile by modifying the fields. OluKai may not be held liable for any errors or failures related to incorrect information contained in Member profiles.

14. Membership is not transferable.

15. No retroactive credit of Makau will be given for purchases made prior to joining the Program.

16. Employees of OluKai are also eligible for the Program.

Closing An Inactive Account

17. Should a Member’s account be inactive for twenty-four (24) consecutive months and OluKai send a notice of inactivity to that Member prior to the expiry date, stating exclusively that inactivity will result in the expiration of the Member’s Makau and specifying the expiry date, the Member’s account will be closed, access to the account will be revoked, the virtual card will no longer be usable and all Makau, status and Rewards earned in the account will be cancelled. To maintain an active status and their membership in the Program, Members must earn a minimum of one (1) Makau at least once every twenty-four (24) months.

18. Should a Program Member pass away, that Member’s account will be closed and the Makau earned in their account will be cancelled as long as OluKai’s Customer Service Department is informed. Otherwise, the account will be closed and Makau and Rewards will be reset to zero after twenty-four (24) months of inactivity. The member's status will also be revoked.

Earning Makau

19. Makau are earned on eligible items (after discounts and before taxes and shipping fees) including, but not limited to, items sold in-store and online. No Makau will be issued on the purchase of a gift card or on taxes, shipping charges and transaction fees related to an online order. Members can earn Makau of the portion of the invoice paid with a gift card. OluKai may change the list of eligible items without notice.

20. Members will earn 1 Makau for every $1 USD/CAD spent (after discounts and before taxes and shipping fees) on Olukai.com, Olukai.ca or in any OluKai stores. The Makau earned will appear in the Member profile 30 days after the qualifying Transaction as “Confirmed Makau” (and may appear as “Pending” prior to this date).

21. To earn Makau when making purchases, Members must be connected to their profile on olukai.com or olukai.ca or present their virtual card or email in store before completing their payments.

22. A member who makes a return after the 30-day period will have their Makau withdrawn.

23. Members may claim Makau on a closed or paid Transaction should, for any reason whatsoever, they have forgotten to either present their virtual card in a store before finalizing payment or log into their account online. To do so, Members must contact customer services.

24. Members can earn Makau by completing non-transactional actions including, but not limited to, fully completing their profile, connecting their social media profiles with their OluKai loyalty membership account, and writing product reviews.

25. As part of ‘Ohana Day, members are eligible to earn bonus Makau on one (1) eligible purchase on ‘Ohana Day, which will be held every year, refer to the Holoholo Club tab in your online account for the date. ‘Ohana Day bonus Makau are based on spend threshold. These thresholds will be communicated to members by email as well as on olukai.com and olukai.ca.

26. Since Members can only earn bonus Makau once during ‘Ohana Day, only the 1st Transaction will be eligible for the bonus Makau if a member makes multiple Transactions on that day.

27. As part of the Program, Members may receive, subject to obtaining their consent thereto in accordance with applicable laws, promotional offers through which they can earn additional Makau for the purchase of certain products or product combinations as determined by OluKai. Members may also receive personalized promotions according to their purchases, preferences and profile, in particular. Each personalized promotion is valid only for the account of the Member to whom it is offered and may not be transferred.

Rewards and Experiences

28. As part of the Program, Members get exclusive rewards based on their membership status.

29. Each Reward has its own specific conditions of use and validity. For the terms and conditions of use of a Reward, Members must refer to the legal notice accompanying the communications concerning each Reward.

30. Rewards may only be redeemed by the registered, entering Member; OluKai will not transfer Rewards to any other individual or Member.

31. Upon completion of the use of a Reward, Program Members release OluKai from any liability or claim relating to the redemption and use of the Reward or any loss or prejudice caused by the products or services offered as a Reward.

32. As part of the Program, Members residing in the United States are automatically eligible to participate in the annual contest allowing them to win a trip to Hawaii with OluKai. Members may refer to the official rules. Official rules to be made available soon.


33.There are three (3) status of membership in the Program: Cruiser, Voyager and Wayfinder. Achieving Voyager or Wayfinder status requires a minimum number of Makau earned per qualifying twelve (12)-month period:

  • Cruiser: 0-349 Makau
  • Voyager: 350-549 Makau
  • Wayfinder: 550+ Makau

34. The qualifying twelve (12)-month period starts from the enrollment date of each Member (Loyalty anniversary date).

For example, if a Member enrolls in the program on November 10, 2022, its qualifying twelve (12)-month reference period will start on November 10, 2022 and end on November 9, 2023. The loyalty anniversary date for this Member will be November 10 of each year.

35. Makau earned during a qualifying twelve (12)-month period will reset on the loyalty anniversary date each year. Once a status is unlocked, Members will maintain their status until the end of the current qualifying twelve (12)-month period and for the following qualifying period. Thus, Members always maintain benefits for at least 365 days. If by the end of the following qualifying twelve (12)-month period, a Member has not earned enough Makau to maintain its status, the Member will be demoted to a lower status.

36. All members are automatically a Cruiser upon enrollment. The number of Makau earned during a fixed qualifying period of twelve (12) months starting from the enrollment date determines the status membership. During the twelve (12)–month reference period following their enrolment in Program, Members may unlock a higher status if they earn the required number of Makau to reach that status. On the loyalty anniversary date, i.e., when a new qualifying period begins, a Member who has not unlocked a higher status will have to keep their status or be demoted to a lower status, depending on the number of Makau earned during the qualifying twelve (12)-month period. Below is a member example:

      • Member joins on 10/15/2022 and is a Cruiser member automatically.
  • Member places an order on 11/01/2022 which allows him/her/them to earn 200 Pending Makau.
      • 200 Makau are Confirmed on 11/30/2022.
  • Member places an order on 04/18/2023 which allows him/her/them to earn 75 Pending Makau.
      • 75 Makau are Confirmed on 05/18/2023.
  • Member places an order on 08/12/2023 which allows him/her/them to earn 100 Pending Makau.
      • 100 Makau are Confirmed on 9/11/2023.
      • Member has 375 Confirmed Makau and reaches Voyager status.
  • A new qualifying period begins on 10/15/2023.
      • The Makau balance is reset to 0.
      • The Member keeps Voyager status until next anniversary date of 10/15/2024.
  • Member places an order on 06/04/2024 which allows him/her/them to earn 100 Pending Makau.
      • 100 Makau are Confirmed on 07/04/2024.
  • A new qualifying period begins on 10/15/2024.
      • The Makau balance is reset to 0.
      • The Member is adjusted to Cruiser status as they only earned 100 Confirmed Makau in the previous qualifying twelve (12)-month period.

Status and benefits can change based on the above scenarios. Here are some additional cases a member should expect based on the terms of the program.

      • Status upgrade can happen any time if you have collected the required number of Makau to reach that Status.
      • Status downgrade can happen either at the end of the qualifying twelve (12)-month period. (if the member has not collected enough Makau to keep a status for the next period) or in the case of product return which will deduct Makau from the member’s balance.

Should a return occur right after the start of a new qualifying twelve (12)-month period:

      • Status qualifying Makau will remain at 0, if the member has not collected any Makau in the new qualifying twelve (12)-month period.
      • Any new Makau earned during the current qualifying twelve (12)-month period will remain, however, Status downgrade may happen if this return would have impacted your previous Makau balance and you would not have not reached a higher level before the new qualifying 12-month period.

37. All membership Status enjoy a variety of Rewards made available by OluKai in its sole discretion from time to time. Rewards may vary by Status and some Status may have more Rewards than others.

38. The Makau balance shows the current balance of Makau earned since the beginning of a qualifying twelve (12)-month reference period. The progress bar displays the number of Makau that a Member must earn in the twelve (12)–month reference period to reach the next status. When a new qualifying period begins, Makau are automatically reset to zero.

39. Members understand and accept that the Rewards offered under the OluKai Program may vary from one Member to another, both in number and value, depending on the status reached.

Governing Law and Information

40. These Terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of California, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law.

41. If you have any questions regarding the Program, you may email Customer Service at info@olukai.com.