Why Are OluKai Sandals The Best Sandals With Arch Support

It's time to trade those rubber flip-flops for something that provides more comfort and support. Fortunately, OluKai specializes in comfort and support. After a day of wearing arch-supportive sandals, you'll never settle for less. And that's not even mentioning the long-term health benefits. So why exactly are OluKai sandals the best sandals for arch support?


Let's break it down.


1. OluKai Arch Support Sandals Use The Wet Sand Principle™


Our footwear design is inspired by the Wet Sand Principle. This means every pair of OluKai sandals (and all our footwear) has footbeds shaped to feel like you're stepping into wet sand. The first step cradles your heel perfectly for unbeatable stability and shock absorption. Then, as you step forward, your toes can move freely, thanks to a flexible toe box. Whether you're walking, running, sitting, or standing, the Wet Sand Principle ensures every step feels just right.


The Best OluKai Arch Support Sandals


2. Our Arch Support Sandals May Help Alleviate Pain


You might not have noticed, but the arches of your feet are doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Literally. The arch is where our feet find their strength, which means the more your arches are supported, the more balanced your entire body becomes. With shoes and sandals that offer durable arch support, you considerably reduce your knee and back injury risk. Whether you spend all day on your feet or at your desk, OluKai sandals work to provide the arch support you need. And if that weren't good enough of a reason to invest in high arch sandals, previous OluKai customers have often reported pain alleviation and relief over time. We've even heard from customers who switched to OluKai and saw their plantar fasciitis subside!




3. Experts Recommend OluKai Arch Support Sandals


Want a second opinion? Having been featured in a number of articles on the importance of arch support, OluKai sandals have earned themselves an outstanding reputation. The people have spoken! And if that weren't enough, ask the experts. Most podiatric experts recommend high-quality sandals that support your specific arch type with contoured footbeds and strong, durable soles.




4. Combining Arch Support and Style


Just because our sandals are high-performance doesn't mean they can't be stylish. Our team works hard to design footwear that looks as good as it feels. Explore the rest of our collection and find the right style for you.


Men’s Arch Support Sandals:


Ulele: The ultimate water sandal. Ulele is everything you love about your sneakers—comfort, performance, versatility—in the easy, water-ready build of a sandal.


‘Ohana: Unmatched support. Chances are, this bestselling men’s sandal will be the most comfortable pair you own. Plus, it’s water-resistant.


LeewardOur most premium beach sandal, the Leeward, is built to feel as comfortable and supportive as your favorite sneaker yet offers the freedom and adaptability of a sandal. 


Women’s Arch Support Sandals:


‘Ohana: Unmatched support. A timeless bestseller, ‘Ohana is sure to be one of the most comfortable sandals in your closet. Did we mention it’s water-friendly?

Puawe: Slim and delicate with all the classic comfort of OluKai, this everyday sandal has the kind of versatility that you need for daily island wear and beyond. Plus, the straps and cushy foam footbed are water-friendly in case your itinerary includes a beach or pool trip.


Hila: Elevate your comfort and style with the Hila Sandal, featuring an elevated puffy design making for a floating-on-air feeling. 


When it comes down to it, providing you with comfortable and supportive footwear is our main priority. More than that, it’s our mission. If you want to explore our full lineup of sandals and flip flops with arch support, start here: 


Men’s Arch Support Sandals


Women’s Arch Support Sandals

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