Our Best Men’s & Women’s Wide Width Sandals

If you have wide feet, chances are you also have a hard time finding sandals that are both comfortable and stylish. Fortunately, that’s not the case with OluKai.


We understand that feet come in all shapes and sizes and we want to accommodate them all. We design some of our sandals styles with a wider footbed so that you don’t have to stress. But before we get into which sandals you should pick for wide feet, let’s lay the groundwork.


1. How Do I Know if I Have Wide Feet?


That’s easy. If you feel cased-in or constricted by most sandals, you likely have wide feet. To measure your foot and find out for sure, follow these steps:


  • • Get a ruler, marker, and piece of paper.
  • • Place the paper flat on the ground and stand on it (make sure your foot is flat).
  • • Outline of your foot using the marker.
  • • Measure the distance between the widest part of your foot.


    After you measure, do a quick google search for “shoe width measurement chart” and compare.


    Our Best Wide Width Sandals for Men & Women 


    2. How Do I Choose Sandals for Wide Feet?


    This is another area where our size chart can help. If you’re shopping on our site, you’ll see a fit guide beneath the description. That guide will help you determine the width of that specific product.


    If you’re not sure, we recommend sizing up to fit your wide feet. While some of our sandals (especially leather) stretch and mold to your foot with wear, it’s best to find ones that fit well right away.


    Our Best Men’s & Women’s Wide Width Sandals 


    3. What Are the Best Sandals for Wide Feet?


    We have you covered! Our product line is full of wider options that’ll support your every step. Don’t settle for a tight fit—give your toes room to breathe with these wide width sandals.


    Men’s Wide Width Sandals:


    Mea Ola Men’s Wide Leather Sandals: This handsome and premium leather sandal is perfect for those with wider feet. A nod to native exploration and craftsmanship, the rich, full-grain leather Mea Ola features canoe lash whipstitching and octopus-inspired laser-etched artwork. It’s a super comfortable sandal with design inspired by age-old tradition.


    Ulele Men’s Wide Beach Sandals: If you’re looking for a supportive beach sandal, look no further than Ulele. Whether you’re scoping out the best waves or headed to happy hour with friends,  this water-resistant style is ready. Ulele embodies everything you love about your favorite sneakers—lightweight, versatile, modern—but in the ease of a sandal.


    ‘Ohana Men’s Wide Beach Sandals: Let this classic be your everyday sandal. ‘Ohana is the ideal choice when it comes to comfort, thanks to that broader, contoured footbed. That water-friendly design and smooth anatomical footbed will make your feet feel right at home, no matter where your adventures take you.


    Women’s Wide Width Sandals:


    Paniolo Women’s Wide Leather Sandals: Our beautifully crafted leather sandal is perfect for women with wider feet. Inspired by its namesake, Paniolo’s design taps into an upcountry aesthetic and sense of adventure with its hand-sewn, saddle-inspired stitching and deeply oiled leather. They’re perfect for around or out-of-town wear.


    ‘Ohana Women’s Wide Beach Sandals: Like its male counterpart, ‘Ohana is the go-to choice for peak comfort. That wider, water-friendly design and soft, contoured footbed will bring you from beach to boardwalk and back again in comfort. Let it be your go-to sandal for the summer and beyond.


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