Celebrating the Summer Solstice - OluKai x LINKSOUL Collaboration

As the summer solstice approaches, golfers worldwide prepare to take full advantage of the year's longest day. This year, OluKai and LINKSOUL have come together to celebrate this special occasion with an exclusive collaboration that embodies the spirit of golf, camaraderie, and the joy of playing under the summer sun. Our collaboration highlights the best of both brands, combining OluKai's commitment to comfort and style with LINKSOUL's passion for the game and its unique lifestyle.


Why OluKai and LINKSOUL Decided to Collaborate


OluKai and LINKSOUL share a deep connection to the game of golf and the lifestyle it promotes. We both emphasize walking the course, feeling the ground beneath our feet, and cherishing the simple pleasures of the game. We believe in playing for the love of the sport, surrounded by friends and laughter, and embracing the long summer days that allow for endless rounds. This collaboration is a natural fit, bringing together our shared values and love for the game.



The Significance of the Summer Solstice for Golfers


The summer solstice on June 20th marks the longest day of the year, providing golfers with the maximum amount of daylight to enjoy their favorite sport. With up to 16 hours of daylight in some locations, it's the perfect opportunity for golfers to play from sunup to sundown. This extended daylight allows for more tee times, longer rounds, and the chance to fully immerse oneself in the game without the usual time constraints.


Golfers celebrate the summer solstice with special events, promotions, and even all-day golf marathons. Many courses host solstice tournaments, encouraging players to take advantage of the extra daylight. For those looking to make the most of this day, some of the best golf courses to play on the summer solstice include Pebble Beach in California, Bandon Dunes in Oregon, and Pinehurst in North Carolina.


The OluKai x LINKSOUL Collection: Designed for Summer Golf


Our collaboration with LINKSOUL has resulted in three unique styles catering to different aspects of the game, ensuring that golfers enjoy comfort, style, and performance throughout their rounds.



1. Wai'alae: Your Go-To for 18 Holes

The Wai'alae shoe features waterproof leather and a spikeless traction outsole inspired by the kalo (taro) fields of Hawai‘i. The upper is decorated with the collaboration’s exclusive palm pattern, inspired by the palm trees of Hawai‘i and Southern California. Ideal for driving, this shoe provides the stability and grip needed for powerful swings.


2. Ulele Golf: Ideal for Putting and Chipping

The Ulele Golf sandal is not only ideal for putting and chipping, but also casual rounds where comfort and ease are essential. Featuring a golf traction outsole, non-slip footbed, and palm-printed straps, it's perfect for a relaxed 9-hole game or practice on the green. The sporty design and firm grip make it a versatile choice for any golfer. Its sandal design transitions easily to post-round drinks at the clubhouse, making it perfect for enjoying time with friends after a great game.


3. Wai'alae Slip On: Perfect for A Casual Round

Designed for ultimate convenience, the Wai'alae Slip-On features a canvas upper with the collection's exclusive palm print and spikeless performance. The washable footbeds and Drop-In Heel® allow golfers to wear them barefoot, making it perfect for putting and casual rounds around town. This shoe combines a laid-back style with the performance needed on the green.


Special Details


To commemorate the longest day of the year, our collection features a special Summer Solstice round tracker, allowing golfers to keep track of the holes played throughout the day. The designs incorporate colors inspired by the early morning and high noon, with dark blues and greys reflecting the calm of dawn and bright yellow accents symbolizing the vibrant energy of the summer sun.


Tips for Golfing in SoCal and Hawaii During the Summer Solstice


• Start Early: Take advantage of the cool morning temperatures and quieter courses.

• Stay Hydrated: With longer days and warmer weather, it's crucial to drink plenty of water.

• Dress Comfortably: Opt for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to stay cool and dry.

• Plan Your Rounds: Book tee times in advance to ensure you can make the most of the extended daylight.


Embrace the summer solstice with style and performance, and make this year's longest day your best round yet.

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