5 Places to Outrigger Canoe Outside of Hawaii

5 Places to Outrigger Canoe Outside of Hawaii 1 When traveling to Hawaii, those who connect with the Hawaiian spirit leave with heart-strings attached. Thankfully, the Aloha spirit stays alive with outrigger canoeing across the mainland and across the world. These US cities forged clubs, competitions and events to keep a piece of Hawaii alive. Seattle, Washington
Seattle is an aquatic paradise. Although these mountainous waters are not crystal clear, locals and travelers spend much time on these vast bodies of water. Seattle Outrigger Club welcomes men and women to paddle six-person canoes year-round, rain or shine. The group practices three times per week during summer months, and two times during winter months. Members paddle the Puget Sound or surrounding lakes, with opportunities to compete in long distance championships or races within the Puget Sound region. Also welcoming new guests is the Sand Point Outrigger Canoe club located near downtown Seattle. New York City
The Big Apple maintains Hawaiian Balance through the New York Outrigger. This group homes various challenges including the Hawaiian Airline sponsored Liberty Challenge and Smiles of 100 Miles charity race. The club’s mission parallels the Hawaiian culture where an island is the center of the city surrounded with majestic waters. The crew paddles six-person canoes and offers novice programs. San Diego, California
This beach town excels with watersport opportunities. Outrigger canoeing is not new to these local Californians but homes several clubs such as the Hanohano, Kapolioka’ehukai, Kai Elua, San Diego Outrigger Canoe Clubs and one of our favorite spots just a little further north in Dana Point is Dana Outrigger. Novice paddlers join teams to for beginner programs and practices. Summer is filled with iron, sprint and 9-man events making this one of the most popular places to canoe outside of the islands. Santa Cruz, California
The Santa Cruz and Pu Pu O Hawaii Outrigger Canoe Clubs stays active year round with practices and events. The Pu Pu O Hawaii is a Northern California award-winning canoe club. The clubs practice throughout Santa Cruz, Monetary Bay and Los Gatos. Those who paddle Monterey may explore a traditional Hawaiian experience with canoeing past migrating humpback whales. Canoeing is the perfect opportunity for those to integrate the best of Californian and Hawaiian culture and spirit. Chicago, Illinois
Also an aquatic destination, this Midwest city keeps the Pacific alive with the Lincoln Park Boat Club. With events occurring mainly throughout the summer months, thanks to icy-cold winters, this club offers Introduction Outrigger Canoeing workshops. Beginners learn stroke basics, race, pace and group paddling skills. Private and group courses are affordable and occur in four-man canoes. This group also offers canoeing adventures on Lake Michigan.

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